Healing and harmonization of the Auric bodies

Aura is a personal energy field containing different colors and levels. Clairvoyants see it quite naturally, but with advancing practice, anyone can tune in to the aura and can also interpret it. Everything has an aura, even inanimate objects. However, living creatures have a stronger aura because energy is constantly flowing between them and the surrounding environment. The intensity of the aura increases with a stronger flow of energy. The personal aura of each person is part of the cosmic energy field, it reflects not only the essence of the individual, but also the current emotional state, thoughts, desires, anxieties and other influences, both negative and positive, from other people and from higher energy fields. If there is disharmony and disharmony at the level of the auric bodies, it will subsequently manifest itself at the level of the physical body as disease.

Auric bodies are divided into the so-called lower: physical, etheric, emotional and mental and higher (spiritual) bodies: karmic, intuitive, divine and Kether.

The card activates Light (Christ energy) to work. You activate the card by pressing it, and when you feel that's enough, you put it away. You can use the card anytime and anywhere.

369.00 Kč