Ten reminders

1) If we act, then only: "in accordance with the intention of the Soul and in accordance with the intention of God-Source-Universe and everyone involved!"

2) Doing "good" is worse than doing "evil". Unsolicited good can also do harm as a result.

3) If we help without the consent of the person concerned, then only in accordance with point 1.! Let's try not to put our intention into action, except: "let the best happen for the person concerned", or for the area.

4) With the abilities and gifts that begin to come to us, comes hand in hand the responsibility for one's actions.

5) As your Light increases, you become stronger and your wishes tend to come true. We are fully responsible for our desires, our minds and our emotions.

6) No matter how we live with the Light, let's not forget our foundations, on which our existence in this world rests. It is always good to keep our feet on the ground, even as we approach the Light, or are it.

7) Let's accept ourselves as we are, with the good and the bad, then we will find our inner peace. Our shadow will always be with us, always is and always will be and that's so good.

8) Everything in our life is lessons and knowledge that move us forward. Let's accept them, even if sometimes they are not pleasant.

9) We are here to learn, to learn our Soul, or to teach others with our behavior, therefore there is no need to judge others or ourselves. It is good to learn non-judgment, but not to turn a blind eye to injustice and violence.

10) If we want to change others, let's change ourselves. Your regained Light will help you a lot, and then your surroundings will change on their own.