Cleaning up unwanted connections

There are many moments in our life when we are connected to the people around us, either consciously or just as two human beings passing by. At every such meeting, there is a reaction on the energy level, whether we create that reaction consciously. As a result of such meetings, these unwanted connections can arise, through which others rob us of our energy (for example, when we helped them, or massages, therapy, etc.), or between us and our close surroundings. Through these unwanted connections, projections occur, such as fear (the child will travel away from the parents and they fear for him) or the binding and control of the person in question. The consequences of such unwanted connections are many, from subtle to binding. Unwanted connections can influence the events around you in a bad way - you don't succeed, things don't work out, as if bad luck is sticking to your heels.

The card "Clear Unwanted Connections" will break these connections and cleanse the affected chakras. The card activates Light (Christ energy) to work. You activate the card by pressing it, and when you feel that's enough, you put it away. You can use the card anytime and anywhere


369.00 Kč