Chakra Light Cards - set of 12th chakras according to Atlantis

In order for our chakras to function well, it is necessary to take care of their purification from negative energies and their harmonization. The state of the chakras is related to the quality of our health, the state of the disease and its support for healing. These Chakra Light Cards are a very quick alternative to harmonizing our chakras in a number of seconds to a few minutes (depending on the state of blockage). These cards first take care of cleaning the chakra from negative energy when the image on the card is pressed. Negative energy is not destroyed, but in accordance with the action of the Light, it vibrates to a higher vibration and turns into Light. No need to destroy anything. After the perfect purification of the chakra, the energization with pure Light (Christ energy) follows.

Among the basic chakras according to Atlantis are the chakras: Earth Star, Causal Chakra, Soul Star and Star Gate. These chakras are not cleansed, there is no need, but the connection of these chakras with the chakras of our body is strengthened with them. We have lost a strong connection with these higher chakras and currently have the opportunity to restore this connection again. Learn more about these higher chakras of ours at the link below. The light activates the goal by achieving the full involvement of these chakras in the person's life. Of course, these chakras have their own unique energies that affect you, either as a strong grounding from the Earth Star, or, on the contrary, a "touch of heaven" from the Star Gate, etc. By supporting the activation of these chakras, other possibilities for your progress and returning with the ability that had humanity in ancient times when we had this connection as a "highway" instead of the current path.

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