Chakra Light card - activation - Star Soul

The Soul Star is the link between the Stargate and the Causal and Crown Chakras. Its task is to receive the pure energy of the stargate and transfer it to the soul level of the spiritually attuned people of the present time. The soul enters the soul star at the moment it leaves the physical body at death. Here the soul begins to recognize its oneness with everything else, and only when it "knows" it can it move to the next level. The soul star has a unique ability to absorb light, but if this chakra is to be activated then it is absolutely essential that the earth chakra is also functioning. These chakras form two halves of one whole and must be in balance. The Soul Star is the eleventh chakra and the number 11 signifies a new beginning. It represents the potential we have to reshape our lives. Currently, the soul star is located above the head, but originally it was located inside the brain structure. When we are able to understand that all things share the same space—the same spiritual essence—unconditional love will return to humanity. Then our balanced yin and yang side, the masculine and feminine energy within us, will radiate out into the world and end the widening chasms of separation between us. It's time to listen to your heart and your soul, because we can never know with our intellect. Focus of this card: Chakra connection support Here the intention of the Light is to act so that our connection with this chakra is active again and we can make the most of this connection with this higher chakra. 

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