Chakra Light card - harmonizing - Earth Star

The earth star together with the two secondary chakras on the feet form a triangle, pointing towards the earth. This triangle receives the divine essence through the physical body and guides it into the earth, creating our oneness with the Earth. The physical plane is determined by the balance of opposites: "As above, so below." This means that the stargate, soul star and causal chakra, in other words the highest chakras, can only fully manifest their light when the earth chakra is also awakened. This means that we need to activate the earth star at the same time as the three upper chakras. Remember that the earth star can only be stimulated by the cosmic rays emanating from the above three suprapersonal chakras and therefore cannot be opened on its own. And the consciousness of higher energy longs to find its highest fulfillment in harvesting the seeds of life growing from the material elements. The balance created by the triangle of the three higher chakras and the earth star allows the sacred presence of eternal power to restore the earth and help it heal from the damage caused by humans. When the earth star chakra in humans is working at full capacity, there will be a re-engagement of spirit with matter. This means that everything that humanity has destroyed will be able to be rebuilt and the Earth will be able to heal itself. This also means that we humans will be able to fully heal and live just like the humans in Atlantis. The only thing holding us back right now is fear of the unknown. When our natural nature is controlled by a higher consciousness, it can elevate us to divine consciousness. Now we are being asked to learn to live according to the principles of harmony and unconditional love. Which is the state of Godhead. Focus of this card: Chakra connection support Here the intention of the Light is to act so that our connection with this chakra is active again and we can make the most of this connection with this higher chakra.

249.00 Kč