Chakra Light card - activation - Causal chakra

This chakra is able to transfer the power of the soul into the mental body, thanks to which we are able to sufficiently detach ourselves from learned beliefs. This means we have to open our right brain hemisphere and learn to see the whole picture and look for the bigger picture. In order for the soul star to transmit cosmic frequencies, one must have an open mind. At the time of Atlantis, this chakra was part of the more developed brain structure of its inhabitants. Through the causal chakra we receive news or messages or download ideas from higher spiritual levels. This chakra can only be opened when we learn to perfectly control our mind. Peace of mind and mental stillness are essential, and it can take years of meditation before people are ready to allow their causal chakra to fulfill its true purpose. Only when these conditions are met can you begin to receive astral transmissions with your mind. If you use blue kyanite in meditation, it will bring you peace and tranquility. Thanks to this, you will be able to remain calm in the midst of chaos, rise above all the trials and tribulations of earthly life and remain balanced. Remember that thoughts are like seeds planted in the ground: it takes a certain amount of time to germinate and appear above the ground. Thoughts are born in the causal chakra and take time to materialize. The lower chakras send information from the causal chakra to the rest of the body. Focus of this card: Chakra connection support Here the intention of the Light is to act so that our connection with this chakra is active again and we can make the most of this connection with this higher chakra. 

249.00 Kč