Chakra Light card - activation - Stargate

Stargate chakra, allows connection with Source. This connection is one of the first things to be lost when the ego itself begins to manifest. By the time it was fully functional, humans had a significantly enlarged skull and brain. This chakra was located almost at the back of the head but never touched it. It is now located approximately 30 cm above the head, but always remains outside the body. It can never belong to one thing because it is everything at the same time. It is thanks to the activation of this chakra that highly spiritually developed people will experience the highest consciousness. Higher energies are now being sent to Earth and people are awakening to their spiritual mission very quickly, therefore more people will make this connection. Only when this chakra is active can people truly understand their oneness with Source. To do this, our mind and heart need to be able to detach from everything related to our personality or ego, and we need to have an open soul. The knowledge of oneness is hard-wired into us, much like the idea of ​​walking, which makes a child begin to rise and stumble and fall many times before he can keep his balance and move on his own two feet. Occasionally people try to access the stargate with hallucinogenic drugs, but such attempts burn out the brain and prevent any further spiritual progress in that lifetime. However, now is the time for those who are spiritually worthy and grounded enough to move forward on their ascension path, opening their stargate to them Focus of this card: Chakra connection support Here the intention of the Light is to act so that our connection with this chakra is active again and we can make the most of this connection with this higher chakra.

249.00 Kč